Use of cookies

I1 What are cookies?


Cookies are small files containing a short string of numbers and letters placed aoutomatically by a website into the cookie folder of your browser. Cookies are generally used to make a website easier and faster to use. The cookies record that a device is or has accessed the website and acts accordingly (depending on what the cookie is designed to do). Mostly cookies perform mundane, but necessary tasks.

2 How do I use cookies?

I use cookies typically for the following purposes

2.1 ensure that all parts of the website requested by users work correctly and appear quickly

2.2Alert me whenever a page on the website or the entire website is slow or not responding at all.

2.3 Analyse how visitors use my website, so that I can continually improve it by adding more information and services and making it easier to navigate and use.

2.4 To remember you as a visitor

2.5 To allow visitors to share my website content on social media and with friends.

3 Consent and cookies

Some cookies used by me are sent to your computer or mobile device as soon as the first page you view on my website is displayed. As a result I infer consent for these and other cookies if you use my website.

4 No personal information in cookies

None of the cookies I use contain or pass personal, confidential, financial information or any other information that could be used to identify individual visitors to the website.

5 Refusing cookies

Using your browser settings you are free to refuse cookies. However, for purely technical reasons this may cause errors when trying to use my website.

Use of cookies

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