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Sports nutrition 

I have always been an active person and enjoy being outdoors whether it's running, cycling or walking. This is one of the reasons we chose to move to France and this area in the Pyrenees in particular as so much is on offer literally from our doorstep.

I have predominantly been a runner and have completed numerous races (both on and off-road) including 2 marathons in the Lake District as I thought running in beautiful scenery would help spur me on! Since moving to the Pyrenees I have got into cycling as there is so much to explore and so now try and alternate the two. Who knows one day if I ever learn to  do the front crawl properly I might do a triathlon.


My interest in sports nutrition stemmed from doing endurance sports and so I undertook studying the postgraduate certificate in sports and exercise nutrition at Coventry university, as I hoped to be able provide advice and support professionally. The course gave me an in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology and biochemistry and how this impacts on dietary needs. If you can optimise your nutrition this translates into improved performance - no matter what discipline.

Another important aspect that might be of concern to you is how to manage a pre-existing condition such as IBD or diabetes and how this might impact on your sporting ambitions. Using my clinical and sporting knowledge I can help you overcome any potential pitfalls in this area.

Children and young people may benefit from a sports consultation again to ensure they are getting the right nutrients to meet the demands being placed on them by the activity in question, but also meeting the additional needs such as growth. Female athletes in particular may benefit from nutritional input especially if they are participating in  sports which are very body-image conscious.


So whether you are competing at a high level, an endurance athlete/cyclist or a weekend warrior you and your sporting career could benefit from some dietary intervention. 

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